My Moroccan Travels

Although my blog is mainly factual and informative I thought that I would write a page dedicated to my favorite place in the world Marrakech. I first traveled to this place when I was 22 and since then I have returned 8 times and every time it still astounds me. I wanted to talk about some of the fascinating and beautiful places I have visited in Marrakech and hopefully give you some inspiration to also travel to this breathtaking paradise.

The first place I ever went to was Medina, it is a very popular destination and many people tend to visit Medina when they are visiting Morocco. It is stepping into a place filled with culture and experiences rimmed to the brim with fashion, food and spice stalls, musicians, and storytellers. I tried some of the most gorgeous foods I have ever experienced on this entire planet, you can really tell that they make their food with experience and love. Walking through the streets I spotted this beautiful scarf that I wanted to buy as a keepsake, one of the friends I had traveled with was from Morocco originally said that Morrocans actually find haggling to be a polite part of their culture and they find this very respectful as long as you actually buy the product. I was a bit too scared to haggle too much so I lightly haggled and managed to get 50 Dirham off my purchase which is approximately 5 dollars. I found it so exhilarating! Even if the locals did laugh at me for being so shy with my haggling.

Another place we went to was Dar El Bacha, which is a place made up of the most beautiful Moroccan architecture that you could find. The authenticity and colors of the brickwork were extraordinary and I still have the images of the building imprinted into my brain, truly breathtaking. If you are off to Marrakech then take a couple of hours to swing by and take in this architectural beauty.

Some more adventure days had taken us off to “The High Atlas” which is an amazing place to hike if you love hiking that is. We were all fit and young 20 something-year-olds so we jumped at the opportunity to go on a hike and be able to take in the sights of the Moroccan villages and cities. We also had so much fun chatting and playing games whilst exploring the scenery, this really was the perfect stress relief after we spent 4 long years studying at college. A few days later we found a tour guide that took us on a camel ride through the Agafey Desert, the camels were so cute and it was so exciting to do something that we had never done before. My friend Richard started getting very confident on his camel and somehow managed to fall off! Thank goodness it was a soft landing onto the warm (scolding hot) sand! We all laughed for days about it and let’s just say the story keeps creeping up on him every time we have a reunion.

We saw so many things whilst in Morroco and they are all experiences that no one can take away from me. Every year I try to find new places to visit but I somehow always come back to my favorite place Marrakech.