Traveling as a Hobby – Is It Possible?

Traveling as a Hobby – Is It Possible?

Many people wonder what it might be like to go to a foreign country and experience other cultures or a new language. It’s important to see the world and explore everything, but there are various things involved, too.

What is traveling? Is it a hobby, or could it be? Learn more about these things today.


Activities Done Routinely in One’s Leisure Time

A hobby is often something that’s done regularly in a person’s leisure time for pleasure. Typically, people travel to experience different countries, and it fits into that category. In fact, travel is a go-to activity and something pleasurable to do when there’s free time.

However, the term “hobby” seems more like a focus on reading, sports, gardening, and drawing. Is it possible to compare gardening and traveling? Overall, travelling as a hobby can’t make sense because it’s more than that.

Experience the Travel Hobby

There’s nothing wrong with the definition of travel as a hobby because it’s an individual endeavour in all respects. In fact, people travel various ways, for different personal reasons, and do all types of things while on the road.

Each person thinks of travel differently, depending on each one’s lifestyle choice. However, the hesitation here focuses on everyone’s personal experience when traveling. Many travelers love doing it so much that they don’t relate to it like hiking or drawing.

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What’s Traveling?

Many people think of hobbies as activities that fit around primary pursuits. One must make time for them, but they’re rewards for work done elsewhere. Someone might read a book to move away from the screen or garden after work to relax. That hobby is the secondary activity and is fitted around other parts of the schedule.

Travel is the opposite.

The experience one gets from travel is the primary part. People mold their schedules around it, making it the true focus. Overall, they must save money, find cheap flights, and plan what they’re going to do.

On the flip side, people might say the destination is the most important part or the focus, so the travel itself is a hobby, and that’s totally fine. However, a travelling hobby is more of a choice, and a person could have particular hobbies they enjoy whilst travelling.

A Person’s Spare Time

If a person’s main hobby is traveling for different reasons, they have a more varied lifestyle than others. Yes, they get to see cool stuff and build relationships, but they also need a job that lets them have more time to pursue traveling as a hobby.

Life shouldn’t focus solely on work, and most people agree that a hobby lets them have fun and enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Some like the idea of planning trips and hopping on a plane, but they never experience the journey. Exploring beautiful places is a pipedream because they don’t have time to enjoy the adventure. Instead, they’re working a 9-5 full-time job. In this case, the hobby is the planning.

Hobby Travelling

Before anyone started traveling, they had to plan the trip, factor in the extra cost, and decide where to visit. Basically, they took the first step.

After a while, they realized they hadn’t been anywhere, so they focused on the next trip to other places. Soon, life had more pleasure, and travel became a regular activity that they did with friends or family. Now, it’s a hobby!

One could also argue that the hobby itself is what people do while taking a holiday. For example, someone enjoys playing sports, so they might travel to new places to see their favorite teams in action.

Those who like to paint might spend time at various museums to view professional paintings.

Work Travel

Sometimes, travel is considered a full-time career. It’s possible to visit a country, write up a post, and add it to a travel blog.

In the same way that the person is traveling, they’re also working remotely and becoming a digital nomad. They could create a travel-blogging website, turn it into a business, and travel is no longer a hobby. It’s work.

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Many times, the additional cost of travel is covered by sponsors and people who read the post and follow up. Comments, likes, and shares all promote the person’s progress, showcasing a particular culture or country in different ways. People talk, get inspiration, and might decide to begin their own exciting and crazy voyage.

In this case, traveling isn’t a hobby because the traveler found a way to make money from their passion. The circumstances are different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Reasons to Choose Travel as a Hobby

Whether it’s considered a hobby or a lifestyle doesn’t matter. Life should be about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Here are just some of the many benefits of traveling for enjoyment:

  • Learning about different cultures
  • World travel to see amazing things
  • Meeting new people in other countries
  • Self-reflection
  • The feeling of accomplishment
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort

When a person gets to travel the world, they open up new opportunities. Someone might not prefer staying home reading or surfing the internet when they have all of these excellent sites to enjoy. It’s about feeling free, not having to worry about what might happen, and spending hours doing something new and different.

Whether scuba diving, experiencing luxury accommodation options, or figuring out who the traveler is, there’s no other way to rest, recharge, and answer the burning question: “What’s out there?”

Final Thoughts

Is traveling considered a holiday? Some might say no, and others might claim it is. The good news is nothing is black and white. If one chooses to see it like other hobbies, traveling can be one.

People argue all the time about this idea, but it’s a deeply personal thing. Whether it’s a travel blogger, family, or a single person travelling the world, this lifestyle brings amazing things when put into practice.

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Just imagine what’s out there! Venture into the unknown, search the soul, and escape abroad. The first place chosen is sure to be the best, but the ones after are perfect, too!

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